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Institutional Identity

The very excellent Joshua Rust has made this paper published in Journal of Social Ontology freely available. Derek Parfit famously sought to illuminate his account of personal identity by comparing a person to a club. If Parfit could use our intuitions about clubs to help motivate his neo-Lockean account of personal identity over time, which resists…

Derek Parfit, photographer

I knew that Parfit was a keen photographer with a great eye at least from the cover of Reasons and Persons, but here are many that have remained unseen by most until now. Luchino Visconti would have approved.     Derek ParfitethicsLuchino Viscontipersonal identityphotography

Derek Parfit

Here’s an obit in Vox but will compile and post other obituaries as they come out. New York Times Derek Parfit and Janet Radcliffe-Richards (not an obit) “With no other philosopher have I had such a clear sense of someone who had already thought of every objection I could make, of the best replies to them, of further…

Uploading the mind

Yet another article on techno-ebullience. Alva NoëArtificial intelligenceBuddhismCognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive sciencecomplexityconsciousnessDavid ChalmersDerek ParfitDescartesdistributed cognitionExtended Mindphilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mindRay KurzweilSingularityStephen Hawking