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Mishima and Bowie

To mark two close but significant Bowie dates (8th and 10th January) once again check out Chris O’Leary’s terrific Pushing Ahead of the Dame “Tulmudic”-like blog. The particular entry I want to bring to your attention is this one featuring Mishima’s influence on Bowie, two names I’ve long since appreciated totally independently of each other. Chris explicitly vindicates…

Yukio Mishima’s death poem

Mishima died on this day in 1970. The very excellent Damian Flanagan marking this event a year ago. The sheaths of swords rattle As after years of endurance Brave men set out To tread upon the first frost of the year. Damian FlanaganJapanphilosophical literatureYukio Mishima

Is Japan Finally Coming to Terms With Mishima?

Mishima once famously told his wife that “even if I am not immediately understood, it’s OK because I’ll be understood by the Japan of 50 or 100 years time.” The short answer according to the very excellent Mishima scholar Damian Flanagan is “no”. Today marks the 45th anniversary of Mishima’s death. Speaking of which see Yourcenar’s thoughts…