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The philosophies of curdled bitterness

Stephen Hicks’ masterful critical survey of the disparate strands and ever-shifting cynical alliances, and as a consequence, dissonant morphology, offers a very accessible first orientation to understanding the shitstorm that we are currently in the midst of: “Why do they have that power in the humanities but not in the sciences? Why has a significant…

Cultural “Appropriation”

A misnomer if ever there was one. It’s the time of year (Halloween) when the ritualized faux outrage, the pearl-clutching virtue-signaling, often emanating from naively rationalistic and vain “Chardonnay socialists”, reaches fever-pitch. Conceptually lazy and illiterate concerning complexity and the evolutionary dynamic of spontaneous order (i.e. culture, for better or worse), they are doomed (pardon the…

Explaining Postmodernism

The very excellent Stephen Hicks whom I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year has made his book freely available online. I’m very much looking forward to Stephen’s chat with Jordan Peterson who has repeatedly referred to Stephen’s book in his various podcasts. constructivismcultural marxismJordan Petersonpost modernismregressive leftrelativismstephen hicks

Jonathan Haidt on the Cultural Roots of Campus Rage

Bari Weiss chats with Jonathan Hait. I joke that NYU seems to have its own version of the morality police in Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia. “It’s like East Germany,” Mr. Haidt replies—with students, at least some of them, playing the part of the Stasi. I think that the ‘deplorables’ comment could well have changed the…

Islam and the Future of Tolerance: The Movie

If you are one of those anti-liberal sheep-like incoherent intersectional fuckwits who participated in- or uncritically supported- a mass march co-organized by a pro-Hamas Sharia law enthusiast, then this project won’t be for you. On the other hand if you are genuinely committed to liberalism (and women’s rights) please consider supporting this film. Ayaan Hirsi Alicultural marxismilliberalismislamLiberalismMaajid Nawazregressive leftsam harrisSarah Haider