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Cheers Canada!

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary since the definitive formulation of the Caesar. Here is a history of the Caesar. And this year also marks the last chance saloon for you my dear Canada. Capisce? alcoholCaesarCanadacocktailsvodka

Extremely flammable, please create with care

This is, without doubt, the best Canuck tipple that I’ve had. It may well be the best vodka I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine a serious mixologist not having this as the essential base for mixing vodka-based classics or as the ideal canvas against which to create some new cocktails. Just a smidgeon warms the cockles of…

Northern California Gastronomic Summary

On a recent trip to Northern California here are the highlights (with a couple of lowlights), listed alphabetically. Cape Fear Cafe Pricey but you will get a more than decent meal. Chile Lindo Empanadas that were disappointing. More like an overly dry Cornish pasty. Dandelion Chocolate Best chocolate I’ve come across and that includes France…