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Marty Balin

Marty and especially Grace Slick at their best. Joe Viglione understands. My chum Carmella Scaggs had much to say about Jefferson Airplane/Starship (maybe for some other time). It’s probably the only time Slick and Balin ever made love, their voices pure sex together inside this tune about the potential of that once-in-a-lifetime friendship. Carmella Scaggsgrace slickhaight…

Remembering Carmella

A year ago I was informed of the loss of my friend Carmella: “we spoke of was and when” . . . and then she was gone. Here is the only obituary I could find. For a little glimpse into the wild rock ‘n roll world that Carmella inhabited in the glory days of Boz’ career see…

Carmella Scaggs

I was saddened to learn of my friend Carmella’s passing. She had a meticulous and deep aesthetic eye but moreover she was an incredibly generous and funny spirit and rather down to earth. See the obit in SFGate. (BTW, that’s Carmella’s hand on Boz’ classic Silk Degrees album cover). ArtBoz ScaggsCarmella Scaggsmusic