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Play it again Sam

Play it again and again Sam. The first hour of this podcast focuses on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the political implications of the recent terrorist attack in Orlando. Podcast #38 — The End of Faith Sessions 2 beliefcoherence theory of truthcollective beliefconceptual analysisepistemology of religious belieffree speechilliberalismislamLiberalismneurosciencePhilosophyregressive leftReligionreligion and sciencesam harris

Dreams and Dreaming

Here is a just published lengthy entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. beliefCognitive neuroscienceCognitive scienceconsciousnessdelusionsDescartesDreamingdreamshallucinationillusionsPhilosophy of mindskepticismthe self

Can Faith Ever Be Rational?

An NPR discussion by Tania Lombrozo motivated by the work of Lara Buchak, her paper available here. My concern in this paper is the relationship between faith and rationality. I seek to develop a unified account of statements of faith concerning mundane matters and those concerning religious faith. To do so, I consider the sense in which faith…