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My favourite dive bar

Which I guess means that it’s my all-time favourite bar. Here’s an excellent write-up in OffBeat on Snake And Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge. I think what our strength is, is that we don’t have a demographic alcoholbarsnew orleansSnake And Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge

Luis Bunuel on Earthly Delights

Chapter 6, from Luis Bunuel’s My Last Breath I can’t count the number of delectable hours I’ve spent in bars, the perfect places for the meditation and contemplation indispensable to life. Sitting in bars is an old habit that’s become more pronounced through the years; like Saint Simeon Stylites perched on his pillar talking to…

Bad Decision Bars

This bit of froth I actually found amusing. It is wryly written, it is about New Orleans and alcohol — oops the latter two are of course at one —  and most of all, it is true. I think that were I a student at any of the terrific universities in New Orleans, I wouldn’t…

New Orleans Bar Guide

Well, here is that vital resource that one needs: where to get your drink, organized by neighborhood. alcoholalcoholic drinksbarsBourbon StreetBywater New OrleansFaubourg MarignyFrench QuarterMississippi Rivernew orleansnew orleans barsSaint Louis Cemetery