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My favourite dive bar

Which I guess means that it’s my all-time favourite bar. Here’s an excellent write-up in OffBeat on Snake And Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge. I think what our strength is, is that we don’t have a demographic alcoholbarsnew orleansSnake And Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge

Vanilla and Leather

This 2014 vintage has the most gorgeously addictive nose — and the wine itself was smooth and quite light despite the unusually high alcohol content. Scored highly by most others and is very well priced. Seek it out. alcoholBeranqualiaWineZinfandel

Dark Horse

This really is well-named in the twofold sense that (a) I hadn’t come across it before and (b) I was expecting something quite rough. What a pleasant surprise it was: it has a gorgeous “demerarary” smell that fortunately does not translate into a cloying sweetness. Moreover, it is exceedingly well-priced and I suspect were I…

Annual Cairdeas release

Still on a boozy note, the annual Cairdeas (Gaelic for ‘Friendship’) is set for release. This year’s release is matured in first-fill bourbon casks before being double matured in Fino Sherry casks. In lieu of my main man, Horst Luening’s assessment, here are Canuck enthusiasts Trenny and C from a year ago. alcoholgastronomyHorst LueningIslayLaphroaigSingle malt Scotch

Guy Breton P’tit Max Morgon 2011

If you like a wine that is the qualic embodiment of a dank medieval cellar (and per chance you also like the most pungent of soft cheeses, say Époisses) then this Morgon which I had at Joe Beef will be a most memorable experience. Other available Morgons, as good as they were, never lived up to this one. Here…

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Having just seen a fully restored version of this film which I previously had last seen on the big screen at a midnight showing on its release in ’76, I was superficially struck by the prescience of the idea of space travel underwritten by private enterprise. Though Walter and Peter in their forthcoming book, Space…

The Mystery of Finlaggan

Always partial to an Islay, I tried this for the first time and it fared very much better than a Lagavulin 8 200th Anniversary Edition. The general consensus seems to be that price-wise this Islay offers a really big bang for the buck. Here are two assessments of it.     alcoholFinlaggangastronomyIslaysingle malt

Breaking Bourbon

A few weeks back I made the error of purchasing a second bottle of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked (it was erroneous because I must not quite have assimilated the full depth of my disappointment first time round). A minority view, I know, but I just found the extra oaking a case of “over-egging the pud”…

My kind of GP

Especially during prohibition. See: Winston Churchill Gets a Doctor’s Note to Drink “Unlimited” Alcohol in Prohibition America (1932) “I do not wish to be hurt any more. Give me chloroform or something,” he directed, while waiting for the anesthetist. ***** [Otto Pickhardt] is perhaps best known as the doctor who treated Winston Churchill when he was hit…