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The Baron of Bulawayo

I notice that Marshall’s website has been revamped. Browsing through I rediscovered some paintings I hadn’t given a close enough look in the prior iteration of the website. Merle, Marshall’s sister, very kindly allowed me to use one of his paintings here. My brief thoughts on Marshall from a few years back here. aestheticsArtbulawayoMarshall Baronmusicpainting

SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock

Though I don’t think this is a very good documentary, it survives deeper analysis because of Mick Rock’s unpretentious geezer-like attitude and, of course, because of the compelling subject matter. Rock, as the cliche goes, “is the man who shot the seventies”. I had the opportunity to catch a modest exhibit of his work at…

Michael Joseph Oakeshott

Born on this day, that most subtle, civilized, cultivated, elegant, insightful, humane and liberal quality of mind. For all things Oakeshottian check out the Michael Oakeshott Association, the unaffiliated Michael Oakeshott Society, loads of stuff on this site including a very rare BBC recording of Oakeshott on the philosophy of history, and last, but no means least, A Companion to…

Brain connectivity reflects human aesthetic responses to music

Freely available paper in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Humans routinely experience pleasure in response to higher order stimuli that confer no clear evolutionary advantage. Aesthetic responses through pursuit of and engagement with the arts activates the same reward network in the brain that responds to the basic, sensory pleasures associated with food, sex and drugs…

The End of Beauty in Architecture

The very excellent Justin Shubow. I didn’t realize just how intellectually and morally bankrupt, soul-destroying and downright perverse some architects are. The talk gets quite grim towards the end (around 24.30) when the philosophical underpinnings are brought in. aestheticsarchitectureJustin Shubowpost modernismregressive left