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Stigmergic dimensions of online creative interaction

Extracts from Jimmy’s paper: The web has experienced a recent proliferation of design expert communities in domains from software engineering (e.g. Sourceforge and Github) to art (DeviantArt and others). These communities have become hotbeds of creative interaction, with users posting their projects, closely interacting on new endeavors, and engaging in spirited discussion about their craft.…

Emergence in stigmergic and complex adaptive systems: A formal discrete event systems perspective

Some extracts from Saurabh Mittal’s paper. A natural system is not a monolithic system but a heterogeneous system made up of disparity and dissimilarity, devoid of any larger goal. The system just “is.” Examples of such systems include ant colonies, the biosphere, the brain, the immune system, the biological cell, businesses, communities, social systems, stock…

Human stigmergy

Even though this special issue has been available for a while, since it is the March issue, it’s an opportune time to give it another plug. I’ll run some extracts from each paper over the coming weeks. complexityExtended MindExternalismhuman stigmergysituated cognitionsocial epistemologystigmergic cognitionStigmergy

Stigmergic Coverage Algorithm for Multi-Robot Systems

A nice simulation from the Maastricht Swarm Lab See also the great video posted by Simon Garnier of  The Swarm Lab @ NJIT Artificial intelligenceCognitive sciencecomplexitydistributed knowledgeExtended Mindsocial epistemologySpontaneous orderStigmergy

Human Stigmergy: Theoretical Developments and New Applications

Stay tuned for details about this project to be co-edited with Ted Lewis and released under Springer’s series Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics. Artificial intelligenceCognitionCognitive sciencecomplexityEpistemologyExtended MindPhilosophy of mindSocial SciencesSpontaneous orderStigmergy