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The Great Escape Motorcycle Jump

Yet another Christmas viewing of “The Great Escape”, this time with the twofold expertise of Bud Ekins and Guy Martin firmly in mind. The former was the stunt double for McQueen orchestrating the original jump; the latter, all round good egg Guy Martin. And if two wheels is your thing, you probably already know that…

T. E. Lawrence: Patron Saint of Motorcycling

Lawrence of Arabia’s last ride. Steve “On Any Sunday/The Great Escape” McQueen would be at his side as will Henry Cole. And if you’ve every wondered about the origin of motorcycle helmets, here’s a nice article from Neurosurgery entitled “Lawrence of Arabia, Sir Hugh Cairns, and the origin of motorcycle helmets“. Would I wear a…

Song of the Sausage Creature

or a “crotch rocket” as I’d call them. Here’s Hunter S. Thompson opining on the matter (H/T Richie said). Only last night I was watching vids of the Ducati 1299 Panigale. Dope! ducatiHunter S. Thompsonmotorcycle