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Martha Argerich as a child

Martha Argerich’s intimate relationship with Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor began when she was 10 when she performed the concerto in its entirety at Buenos Aires’s Theatre Colón with Washington Castro conducting Orquestra Sinfonica de la Ciudat de Buenos Aires. Martha ArgerichpianoSchumann

Martha Argerich and friends: Live from Lugano 2010

At last I’ve worked my way through this 3CD set. Here are a couple of short reviews – The Financial Times – The Observer and a more in depth one by Oleg Ledeniov. Alfred SCHNITTKEBéla BARTÓKClassical musicEnrique GRANADOSErich KORNGOLDFranz LISZTFrédéric CHOPINIgor STRAVINSKYJohannes BRAHMSMartha ArgerichmusicPercy GRAINGERRobert SCHUMANN

Martha Argerich

Now this would be a ticket to pay way over the odds for – assuming of course Martha shows since she is inclined to not appear. Worth a gamble to see this great performer. Martha Argerichmusicpiano