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Martha Argerich and friends: Live from Lugano 2010

At last I’ve worked my way through this 3CD set. Here are a couple of short reviews – The Financial Times – The Observer and a more in depth one by Oleg Ledeniov. Alfred SCHNITTKEBéla BARTÓKClassical musicEnrique GRANADOSErich KORNGOLDFranz LISZTFrédéric CHOPINIgor STRAVINSKYJohannes BRAHMSMartha ArgerichmusicPercy GRAINGERRobert SCHUMANN

Martha Argerich

Now this would be a ticket to pay way over the odds for – assuming of course Martha shows since she is inclined to not appear. Worth a gamble to see this great performer. Martha Argerichmusicpiano