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Bone marrow

Yummy! A new spin on an old favorite. Watch the short video for the surprise finish.   bone marrowfoodnew orleansToups Meatery

Best Soul Food

The List Willie Mae’s Scotch House and Dooky Chase’s feature. I’ve been lucky to have eaten at Sylvia’s Restaurant, Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles and Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles. Dooky Chase’sfoodnew orleanssoul foodWillie Mae’s Scotch House

Dinner Lab

Now this is my idea of being a social activist and in the long term I’d imagine a whole lot more authentic and thus more effective. dinner labdistributed knowledgefoodnew orleanssocial activismSpontaneous order

Fear of frying

New Orleanians and Southerners generally have a penchant for fried food. They are not the only ones – the Scots and other UK Northerners even deep fry Mars Bars! Here is a nice article on the way frying should be done using all manner of food. Must try the chicken recipe. Deep fryingfoodGerard Marasnew orleans

Happy Endings

No, not that but it might as well be. Here is the very excellent Lorin Gaudin on desserts (or puds as we Brits like to call it). By the way, I had the best sticky toffee pud I’ve ever tried in Toronto a few nights ago at House on Parliament – the rest of the…

Food Porn Friday

OK, so it’s just gone on Saturday but I’ve been meaning to bring Scott Gold’s column to your attention. Check out his other entries. foodFood pornnew orleansscott gold

New York restaurant with NOLA flair

Paul Gerard interview. The Braiser: I fricken’ love anything that has to do with New Orleans; I lived there for a while. I think anyone who’s stayed there for a while gets homesick afterwards, and just gravitates towards anything relating to New Orleans. Paul Gerard: It’s so true. You know the song, “You Know What…