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Evidence Matters: Science, Proof, and Truth in the Law

One of my favorite contemporary philosophers — Susan Haack — here discussing her latest book with New Books in Philosophy host Robert Talisse, both having been contributors to EPISTEME. Warrant, Causation, and the Atomism of Evidence Law Fallibilism, Objectivity, and the New Cynicism Toward a Social Epistemic Comprehensive Liberalism Social Epistemology and the Politics of Omission…

EPISTEME: the first decade

This summer marks the anniversary of the founding of EPISTEME. Below is a list of the most cited articles — I’m pleased to see that six of the articles that I solicited have a long tail. Group Knowledge and Group Rationality: A Judgment Aggregation Perspective Christian List Episteme / Volume 2 / Issue 01 / June…


Latest issue of EPISTEME. Some freebies and I think the first review (critical notice) for the jnl, fittingly the target book being Hilary Kornblith’s On Reflection. EPISTEMEEpistemologysocial epistemology