Free Thinkers Lost in Vegas

So-called “reaction” videos are big on YouTube and I suspect these guys are the most popular: I can see why. They have a great disposition, a palpable love of music whatever the genre, they offer good insights and don’t take themselves too seriously — they, like me, look for the funk-groove in any genre. If academia were as ecumenical as these guys (their tag line is “Free Thinkers”), it wouldn’t be the cluster-fuck that it is now. I stumbled into reaction videos fascinated as to how others now might react to the music of my youth (i.e. 70s) and indeed other era-genres. My favourite items from the Free Thinkers Lost in Vegas guys are below. Speaking of which, Sabbath is a fundamental pillar to the 70s and are a band in a genre of one: accept no substitutes, there are many pretenders. Sabbath’s purple patch was from 70-72 when four fabulous albums on the trot were released: Black Sabbath (1970), Paranoid (1970), Master of Reality (1971), and Vol. 4 (1972). Paranoid was the first album I ever bought and Master of Reality was something my mum in all her naïveté came home with (she knew some A&R guy who gave her a bunch of records). “Into the Void” from MoR was a song I suggested for some primary school play — they went with “The Age of Aquarius” instead. So taken with Vol. 4 I actually travelled with in vinyl. There are many reaction channels around and two other distinctive ones in the vast spectrum, at least so far as Sabbath is concerned, is Kids React to Black Sabbath and Pastor Rob Reacts, the latter clearly taken by Geezer Butler’s unapologetic Christian lyrics.