‘Super Fly’ Remake in the Works

Oh dear, yet another potentially lazy, flat and ham-fisted Hollywood retread is apparently in the works. I’m not saying it couldn’t be a decent effort (the brilliant music is, of course, in place assuming it will be reused) — but in the prevailing climate of hysteria emanating from the various politically “correct” priesthoods and their associated zombie armies, it could well be made overly bland and, still then, many fuckwit SJWs will no doubt take umbrage. Though Super Fly was a somewhat wooden film it was emblematic of a gritty and grim urban landscape, heightened by Curtis’ counterposing a deceptively beautiful soundtrack. (The sequel Super Fly T.N.T. was really crap: this time round the music was by Osibisa, who did good some stuff in the day, but not in this case). I don’t know Alex Tse’s work but an intelligent remake must surely pose the question as to why the problems haven’t been ameliorated in 46 years. (The independent-minded of you already know the answer!). The names Samuel L. Jackson and Quentin Tarantino spring to mind when one thinks of a reboot.