Hamlet Jaime Paredes: Master Cigar Roller

I was wondering if I’d missed Hamlet Jaime Paredes’ biennial summer visit to my cigar shop, “a former Habanos S.A. a star roller for Habanos S.A, who became famous among Cuban cigar smokers through his in-store rolling demonstrations and Cuban tobacco seminars held at tobacco shops”. I’ve had the privilege of watching him in action three times, on each occasion having that most wonderful of combustible experiences, a freshly made torpedo (limit of two per client) — in my view far better than even a Behike 52. I was hesitant to mention to Hamlet that he had an unfortunate name in the sense that Hamlet is a brand of shite cigars (though with amusing commercials) in the UK — he did not take umbrage and appreciated the joshing and needless to say had heard it before. Hamlet is now US-based: looking forward to trying his Rocky Patel Hamlet Tabaquero range. The full story here.