Propriety and Prosperity: New Studies on the Philosophy of Adam Smith

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List of Figures

Foreword by Vernon L. Smith


List of Contributors 

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1: Introduction: Epistemology not Ideology: David F. Hardwick and Leslie Marsh

Part I: Context

2: Adam Smith as a Scottish Philosopher: Gordon Graham

3: Friendship in Commercial Society Revisited: Adam Smith on Commercial Friendship: Spyridon Tegos

4: Adam Smith and French Political Economy: Parallels and Differences: Laurent Dobuzinskis

5Adam Smith: EighteenthCentury Polymath: Roger Frantz

Part II: Propriety

6: Indulgent Sympathy and the Impartial Spectator: Joshua Rust 

7: Adam Smith on Sensory Perception: A Sympathetic Account: Brian Glenney

8: Adam Smith on Sympathy: From Self-Interest to Empathy: Gloria Zúñiga y Postigo

9: What My Dog Can Do: On the Effect of The Wealth of Nations I.ii.2: Jack Weinstein

Part III: Prosperity

10: Metaphor Made Manifest: Taking Seriously Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand’: Eugene Heath

11: The ‘Invisible Hand’ Phenomenon in Economics: Gavin Kennedy

12: Instincts and the Invisible Order: The Possibility of Progress: Jonathan B. Wight

13: Two Invisible Hands: Family, Markets, and the Adam Smith Problem: Lauren K. Hall

14: Smith, Justice, and the Scope of the Political: Craig Smith