Robert Plant @ Jazz Fest

As usual an excellent report by Keith Spera.

He prefers to chart his own course down roads less traveled, specifically the back-country trails that lead to forgotten corners of Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta, and ramshackle bars in New Orleans’ Bywater neighborhood. Thus, on Saturday, he and the Space Shifters exhumed a meditation by high-lonesome Kentucky folk singer Roscoe Holcomb and bluesman Bukka White’s grim “Fixin’ to Die.”

Not that Plant is above circling back around to familiar haunts. But when he raids the Zeppelin catalog, it is to mine it for fresh material. “It’s great to keep changing it and turning it around,” he said. “Here’s one of them songs.”

By “them songs,” he meant, of course, a nugget culled from one of rock’s great canons. A ringing acoustic guitar and mandolin ushered in a faithful “Going to California,” recast as “going to Louisiana” for Jazz Fest.