Inaugural Herbert Simon Society Conference

The Italian Cultural Institute of New York
The International Herbert A. Simon Society
The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America

cordially invite you to the

1st Conference Herbert Simon Society
New York (USA), April 8th-10th 2013

8th-9th April
Italian Cultural Institute
686 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065

10th April
The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, Columbia University
1161 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027

The Herbert A. Simon Society brings together some of the most important economists critical of contemporary economic models and aims at reformulating economic theory by starting with the many non-neoclassical directions that have been developed in recent years.This conference is focused on three themes that were identified as particularly relevant in order to apply Simon’s ideas in the contemporary debate: duality of mind, creativity, critics and alternative paradigms to rational expectations.

Welcoming Remarks
Natalia Quintavalle (Consul General)
Riccardo Viale (Director Italian Cultural Institute) and Massimo Egidi (Herbert Simon Society)

Introduction: Katherine Simon Frank

Gerd Gigerenzer: Homo Heuristicus: Why biased minds make better inferences
Roy Radner: Bounded rationality: In search of a definition
Alan Kirman: Is it rational to have rational expectations?
Ron Sun: On implicit vs. explicit and fast vs. slow processes
David Over: New paradigm psychology of reasoning and rationality
Laura Macchi: The interpretative function of thinking in insight problem solving
Jonathan Schooler: Keeping the mind open for inspiration
Joseph Stiglitz: Rethinking macroeconomics: What went wrong and how to fix it

Parallel sessions on:
Rational expectations, bounded rationality, markets and investments
Slow and fast thinking
Creativity and other stuffs