The Shape of Things to Come

Here is a link to an article that should be of interest to you all in the media (film, television, online) as well as those with an interest in international development and social entrepreneurship.

Though Canada is the primary reference point, everything said here can be extrapolated for most other territories. Without doubt, all these predictions will come to fruition: if not exactly as predicted, pretty darn close – the writing is on the wall! Not only will it affect the developed nations for the good, it will affect so much of the developing world for the good.

I’m hoping that some of you will be inclined to add your “two-cents” worth: by engaging in this discussion, it can only add to the groundswell of “cord-cutting” that already has a significant amount of momentum.

That aside, if like me you don’t appreciate the gatekeepers’ monopolies, the self-appointed arbiters and peddlers of “dumbed-down-lowest-common-denominator-crap” as well as the tiresome adverts – then you’ve pretty much got the motivation behind this article.