Ryle on Video

Thanks to this blog here is a five-part discussion between the wonderful Gilbert Ryle and James Urmson. (I notice from the Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy entry on Ryle that J.D. Mabbott must have known Ryle very well. Mabbott and Oakeshott were of course intellectual chums. According to Bob Grant, Oakeshott only ever communicated with two “official” philosophers, one of which was Ryle. On record, Oakeshott very favorably reviewed Ryle’s Concept of Mind, entitled “Body and Mind” in the Spectator. Years later he warmly introduced Ryle who delivered the annual LSE August Comte Memorial Lecture on 26 April, 1962 entitled “A Rational Animal”. Mabbott who read the proofs for On Human Conduct happened to be a member of Ryle’s “Wee Teas” philosophical tea parties (Tony Quinton told me that he himself was one of the more junior members) was the first to recognize Oakeshott’s KH/KT connection with Ryle in his review of Rationalism in politics in Mind.