Oakeshott in Time

With the complete digitization of Time Magazine’s archives I was able to find what must rank as Oakeshott’s highest profile and amusing press splash – Knowledge v. Pet Ideas – and this well before the essays collected under the banner of Rationalism in Politics. I love the footnote: 

Among Oakeshott’s publications is a treatise entitled A Guide to the Classics. It is not a manual of what good books to read, but a discussion of ways to pick a winner in Britain’s classic Derby, St. Leger, etc. Author Oakeshott himself still has to work for a living.

I wish I could get my hands on a first edition. I heard Imprint Academic were going to reprint it. This photograph accompanied the hard-copy of the Time article. This article brings to mind the (not apocryphal) story of Oakeshott as a subject of MI5 surveillance – see here.