Humanitarian Aid for the Mind

Some seven months ago I highlighted the work of the Sabre Foundation. Once again I want to bring the work of this fine charity to your attention.

Many charitable organizations attend to humanitarian needs associated with displacement and hunger. What is often lacking is the foresight to provide humanitarian aid for the mind: support for the educational infrastructure vital to countries in either conflict, or in transition, or countries that are already on the road to development. Education must surely be the long-term key to not only ensuring localized stability and prosperity, but also to peaceful co-existence and understanding between nations. Sabre ships NEW books – and it should be noted, onlybooks that are requested by its local NGO partners – for more on this please see Sabre’s book donation philosophy.

Please check out Sabre’s latest Newsletter. I would urge you to consider making an online donation to Sabre Foundation. What Sabre does on an very modest budget is astounding. For each $100 donated to Sabre, Sabre can ship up to $3,000 worth of NEW books – that is what I call a big bang for the buck. With only three full-time staff in the administrative office and only four staff running a warehouse of over 100,000 sq ft, you know your money is being well spent.