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Stigmergic behaviour and nodal places in residential areas: Case of post-socialist city Kharkiv in Ukraine

Here’s a recent paper citing Francis Heylighen who featured heavily in Ted and my Special Issue of Cognitive Systems Research – Human-Human Stigmergy. Chris and I, though, did mention in passing urban sprawl as a prominent instance of stigmergy twelve years ago. stigmergy opens broader possibilities for analysis of the development of the city, its networks and…

The Accidental City: Improvising New Orleans

Review of Lawrence Powell’s masterful history of New Orleans in Cosmos + Taxis. The palpable sense of cultural vibrancy and of place, so essential to New Orleans’ identity, makes absolute nonsense of the currently fashionable phrase “cultural appropriation”, a conceptually illiterate term of abuse, a newfangled fundamentalism, espoused by the authoritarian “regressive” left. cosmos &…

Jane Jacobs Special Issue

Coming soon in C+T Editor’s Introduction – Sanford IKEDA Jane Jacobs as Spontaneous Economic Order Methodologist: Part 1: Intellectual Apprenticeship – Pierre DESROCHERS & Joanna SZURMAK 3. Jane Jacobs as Spontaneous Economic Order Methodologist: Part 2: Metaphors and Methods – Pierre DESROCHERS & Joanna SZURMAK Experimenting in urban self-organization: Framework-rules and emerging orders in Oosterwold…

Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

Coming soon — check out the trailer and documentary’s website for details. Also Cosmos + Taxis has a special themed issue dedicated to Jane Jacobs’ work soon to be published, edited by Sanford Ikeda and featuring some of the leading theorists in the field. distributed knowledgeJane JacobsSanford IkedaSpontaneous orderurban planning

Jane Jacobs

Here is Jane Jacobs expert Sanford Ikeda who happens to be editing a special themed issue on her for C+T Jane JacobsSanford IkedaSpontaneous orderurban planning