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Leisure, the Basis of Culture

Leisure lives on affirmation. It is not the same as the absence of activity … or even as an inner quiet. It is rather like the stillness in the conversation of lovers, which is fed by their oneness. A VERY Oakeshottian (and Aristotleian) outlook. H/T to Troy Camplin for this. The reissue, introduced by none…

Troy Camplin Reviews Napoleon in America

A terrific highly thoughtful review of Napoleon in America by the renaissance man that is Troy Camplin. Be sure to check out Troy’s eclectic blog and his book Diaphysics. Many will know that I’m a great fan of Troy’s work — he did a lovely chapter for me entitled “Getting to the Hayekian Network“.  complexitydiaphysicsemergent orderHayekhistorical fictionNapoleonnapoleon in americashannon selinSpontaneous ordertexasTROY CAMPLIN