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Fats and Dave

Here is the very excellent Keith Spera reporting on an event I’d have given my right/left (you name it) to have been able to attend. Keith by the way has written one of the most elegant, affectionate (warts and all) and informative books around featuring a chapter on Fats. Music journalism at its unpretentious best: a…

Mardi Gras Indian Culture

Here’s an excellent article in The Economist by Jon Fasman. (H/T to Brett Martin for this). One can get a good sense of how just much work is involved in making these suits via the character played by Clarke Peters in Treme. Here he is talking about the role. Brett MartinClarke PetersDonald Harrisonjon fasmanMardi GrasMardi Gras Indiansnew orleansTreme

“Fats” on Treme

Here’s a couple of reports on the surprise appearance of “Fats” on Treme. So good to hear that “Fats” could be coaxed into this. I can’t wait to see it. Alex Rawls’ article in My Spilt Milk Dave Walker’s article in | The Times-Picayune  Fats and the irrepressible Dave’s reunion Cosimo MatassaDave BartholomewDavid SimonDominoEric…