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Human-Human Stigmergy

UNCORRECTED proofs now available here. Complex systemscomplexitydistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgeEmergenceExtended Mindhuman-human stigmergynetwork theorysocial cognitionSpontaneous orderstigmergicstigmergic cognitionstigmergic epistemologyStigmergy

Hayek: Cognitive Scientist Avant La Lettre

From Advances in Austrian Economics PROLOGUE It is probably no more justified to claim that thinking man has created his culture than that culture created his reason (Hayek, 1952/1979, p. 155). For Hayek, intelligence is manifest through a reciprocal coalition with the artifactual (social and physical), a causal integration that can take ontogenetic, phylogenetic, individual,…

Political Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science

Here’s an interesting paper co-authored by Jonathan Haidt. Also, here is a good accompanying article in The New Yorker. The problem though with all the discussion is that the terms “conservative” and “liberal” and their supposed practical politics correlates “Republican” and “Democrat” are meaningless. When push comes to shove, self-ascribed or pejorative usage of these terms,…