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Knowing Our Limits

Nathan Ballantyne’s soon to be published Knowing Our Limits seems a promising read for those of us who write about issues of epistemic modesty, dispersed knowledge and complexity. Bounded Rationalitycomplexitydispersed knowledgeepistemic modestyEpistemologyNathan Ballantynesituated cognitionsocial epistemology

Smith on Smith

Here is the opening paragraph to Vernon’s Foreward to Propriety and Prosperity. I would urge anyone interested in situated cognition to read his superb Rationality in Economics: Constructivist and Ecological Forms, amazingly an unknown work within situated circles, proponent or critic. Also worth a read is Vernon’s memoir. This book is a welcome addition to the resurgent scholarly…

Oakeshott and Hayek: Situating the Mind

The theme of rationalism provides Leslie Marsh with the opportunity to compare Oakeshott with another important critic of rationalism, Friedrich Hayek, in his essay “Oakeshott and Hayek: Situating the Mind.” Invoking Oakeshott’s famous dismissal of Hayek in “Rationalism in Politics,” Marsh makes the case that Oakeshott got Hayek plain wrong. If one understands both men…