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But is it science?

Roger Scruton and Timothy Williamson discuss the relationship between philosophy and science, introduced by Tim Crane: But is it science?   naturalismPhilosophyRoger ScrutonscienceScientismTim Cranetimothy williamson

The Regressive left and the Science March

Jerry Coyne weighs in on his blog as does Debra Soh on Twitter, making the point that on offer is not only bad science but bad politics too. The silly sign featured seems to be a emblematic of the OPS(III) mentality: OPS(III) individual manqué, most prevalent variant within general population; morality of anti-individualism, exhibiting collective cognitive torpidity not dissimilar to that of eusocial insects, appropriately…

Smoke & Mirrors

If you like Islay single malts and/or smokey dark chocolate, you might like this brew, not to be confused with- but certainly a good accompaniment to- reading the very excellent Smoke and Mirrors by James Robert Brown, one of the earliest and one of the most smarting bitch-slaps to the social constructivist tripe (typically associated with gender studies,…