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Biographia Literaria

At a guess I’d say this would be in my top dozen all time favourite books. Thank you for making it freely available Project Gutenberg. Biographia Literarialiterary criticismphilosophical literaturePoetryProject GutenbergromanticismSamuel Taylor ColeridgeWordsworth

Giacomo Leopardi

Leopardi is quite possibly my favourite poet, this despite my reading him in English and being aware that quite a bit must be getting lost. Anyway, David Bentley Hart reviews Zibaldone published a few years back pointing out in his review Leopardi’s paradoxical cast of mind as does the always insightful John Gray (second and third quotes) He had a particular…

Caspar David Friedrich

My favourite painter gets a mainstream mention – if one sees the full body of his work then I guess one can excuse the clichéd use of the Wanderer above the Sea of Fog used for the target book and many a philosophy book and CD cover. Below is Friedrich painted by another favourite of mine,…