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Experience and its Modes: Reissued

It’s been brought to my attention that Experience and its Modes has been reissued with a preface by Paul Franco — see below. E+M is one of the most influential books across all genres to my thinking not to mention being one of the most entertaining. Dreadful new cover though . . . If you…

Oakeshott Association Conference Programme

Here is the programme for the MOA meeting at Colorado College. Charles Sanders PeirceConservatismConversationEric VoegelinfoucaultHegelhistory of political thoughthumeLiberalismMichael OakeshottMichael Oakeshott AssociationmodernityPhilosophy of historyphilosophy of social sciencePolitical philosophyR. G. Collingwoodrationalism

Deep Cuts from Oakeshott Companion

This from David Boucher’s The Victim of Thought: The Idealist Inheritance: Idealists and realists were not as antagonistic toward each other as is commonly thought. Harold Joachim, for example, submitted the second chapter of The Nature of Truth to his “friend Bertrand Russell” before the book was published. R. G. Collingwood was a respected figure internationally…