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Conversations on Philanthropy

The latest issue of Conversations on Philanthropy dedicated to The Legacy of Richard C. Cornuelle is now available, gratis as usual but they would welcome donations in support of this excellent journal. Philanthropyphilosophy of philanthropyRichard Cornuellethe philanthropic enterprise

So All May Eat

This article from The Philanthropic Enterprise. I have come across this idea some 25 years ago in London, a Hampstead restaurant to be precise. I have no idea if they survived. Anyway, if you are looking for intelligent discussion about the role of philanthropy in our society, TPE is the go-to forum. Food and philanthropy…

Philanthropic Institutional Design and the Welfare State

Here is the abstract to David’s and my paper just published in Conversations on Philanthropy, Vol. IX: Law and Philanthropy The topic of philanthropy has a great deal of philosophical interest because it exists at the nexus of issues surrounding distributive, remedial, and commutative justice, perennial issues in political philosophy (Ealy 2010, vi). It is perhaps…