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Paul Hirst

Born on this date. If only more self-avowed lefties had the integrity of Paul Hirst, then things could be really interesting. Here are a few obituaries: European Political Science, Industry and Innovation, and The Times. Marxismpaul hirstpolitical sociologysocialism

No Patrimony

Here’s the very excellent Frank Furedi who has this new piece in First Things and who, is of course, a regular contributor to the ecumenical and well-named Spiked. Now what is especially interesting about Frank is that he reminds me a great deal of Paul Hirst and another decent chap, Jerry Cohen. As the Guardian obituary says of Paul, he…

Sociology and Classical Liberalism

We venture to say that self-reinforcing sorting mechanisms now make the discipline unapproachable by anyone who is unabashedly classically liberal. — full article. This was all true (and patently obviously so) even thirty years ago. I, however, got very lucky — I had the amazing Paul Hirst as a tutor. Almost ten years ago I…