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What did Napoleon like to eat and drink?

Napoleon Bonaparte was not a gourmand. He might well have found English cuisine too sophisticated and tasty! foodHANNAH GLASSEnapoleon bonapartenapoleon in america􏰦􏰋􏰈􏰁􏰝􏰍􏰊􏰁􏰉􏰂􏰁􏰰􏰉􏰉􏰧􏰈􏰍􏰔􏰁􏰆􏰀􏰎􏰈􏰁􏰒􏰇􏰀􏰅􏰏􏰁􏰀􏰏􏰎􏰁􏰈􏰀􏰄􏰔􏰦􏰋􏰈􏰁􏰝􏰍􏰊􏰁􏰉􏰂􏰁􏰰shannon selin

Napoleon in America

Yet another great review by someone who get’s it. Also check out this for another thoughtful example of the reviewer’s art. Even Percy has respect for counterfactual history: One can’t read of that [Civil] War without playing the fascinating game of what-if . . . What if Jackson had lived through Chancellorsville? What if McClellan…

Napoleon in America

The opening chapter “General Bonaparte is Missing” and part of chapter two “News Reaches Europe” is trailed on Shannon Selin’s website. I’d encourage you to sign up to keep apprised of the book’s publication details which is expected to occur early in the new year. This work is a superbly researched, executed and an entertaining…