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The Beautiful American

This from Ricky Riccardi’s excellent blog. Even with his frustrations over the treatment of his people, Armstrong remained a proud American and one of the country’s greatest cultural ambassadors. In 1959, Armstrong was asked about his title of “Ambassador of Goodwill,” Armstrong told a German reporter, “I’m an American first of all. And I don’t…

Louis Armstrong House Museum

In anticipation of visiting the hallowed turf that is the Louis Armstrong House Museum, the archives and meeting the archivist and author of the most excellent biography, here is Ricky’s latest “Pops” post. JazzLouis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong and his Hot FiveLouis Armstrong and his Hot Sevenlouis armstrong housemusicnew orleanspopsRicky RiccardiSatchmoWhat a Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong: Jazz Ambassador

Louis Armstrong has become a kind of sub-industry in contemporary theater. What’s in the briefcase and why is Satch so happy? Giraud AbramJazzLouis Armstronglouis armstrong housemusicUnited States Information Agency

Louis Armstrong House

The Louis Armstrong House and Museum took a step toward further raising its profile by hiring its first curator in David L. Reese. JazzLouis Armstronglouis armstrong housemusic