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Five Answers on Pragmatism

Susan Haack has just made this available. pragmatism is best thought of, not as requiring these or those articles of faith, but simply as a broad congeries of philosophical attitudes Charles Sanders PeirceEpistemologyJohn DeweyPhilosophypragmatismRichard Rortysusan haackTruthWilliam James

Problems at the Intersection of Aesthetics and Ethics

The very excellent Seth Vannatta in Response: The Digital Journal of Popular Culture Scholarship. I’d suggest that readers also think about Wittgenstein’s idea in the Tractatus that ethics and aesthetics are one — on which much has been written. I’d also refer readers to the collection of essays entitled Aesthetics and Ethics: Essays at the Intersection.   aestheticsAlfred North WhiteheadethicsFurtwänglerHans-Georg GadamerImmanuel KantJohn DeweyLudwig…

Who Founded Pragmatism?

Fascinating and amusing discussion. Good to see the likes of Joseph Margolis and Richard Bernstein despite my substantive disagreement with them on the relativism front.     Charles Sanders PeirceJohn DeweyJoseph MargolispragmatismRichard BernsteinRichard RortyWilliam James

Of Men and Manners

Here is a review of Tony Quinton‘s last (and posthumous) work edited by Anthony Kenny (who else would be up to the task?) A. J. Ayeranthony kennyBernardino TelesioFrancis BaconGilbert RyleImmanuel KantJohn DeweyKantof men and mannersQuinton