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From Bounded Rationality to Expertise

The ninth in a series of excerpts from Minds, Models and Milieux: Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of Herbert Simon. Fernand Gobet Introduction Historically, a pervasive assumption in the social sciences, in particular economics, is that humans are perfect rational agents. Having full access to information and enjoying unlimited computational resources, they maximise utility when…

Towards a Rational Theory of Heuristics

The third in a series of excerpts from Minds, Models and Milieux: Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of Herbert Simon. Gerd Gigerenzer Herbert Simon left us with an unfinished task: a theory of bounded rationality. Such a theory should make two contributions. For one, it should describe how individuals and institutions actually make decisions. Understanding this process would advance…

Satisficing in Political Decision Making

An open access entry. Wot? No discussion of Simon’s key The Sciences of the Artificial and broad discussion of collective intentionality? Artificial intelligenceBounded Rationalitycognitive closurecollective intentionalitycomplexityDecision makingHerbert Simonheuristicsphilosophy of social sciencesatisficing

The digital world, cognition and behaviour

Herbert Simon Society call for papers. For a comprehensive overview of Simon’s work by a Who’s Who of writers, check out this collection of essays. Behavioral economicsBounded RationalityCognitionCognitive scienceecological rationalityHerbert SimonheuristicsSocial network

Heuristics in Organizations and Society

The Herbert Simon Society has another call for papers out. Some Simon studies luminaries listed participated in Minds, Models and Milieux: Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of Herbert Simon. International Conference Heuristics in Organizations and Society Turin, 13rd – 14th December, 2018 Collegio Carlo Alberto CALL FOR PAPERS The Herbert Simon Society brings together cognitive scientists,…