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Social systems: complex adaptive loci of cognition

Recent working paper — Hayek even cited with some Austrians along with Edelman and Maturana and Varela. Cognitioncollective intentionalitycomplexitydistributed knowledgeDynamic systems theoryGerald Edelmanglobal brainHayekmaturanaNiklas LuhmannSimonsocial ontologySocially distributed cognitionthe sensory orderVarela

The Global Brain

Here’s a paper by David Weinbaum that invokes stigmergy, my first mention of stigmergy and the global brain this year. Cognitive sciencecomplexitydistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgeExtended Mindglobal brainNetwork Sciencenetwork theoryPhilosophy of mindSpontaneous orderStigmergy

A brain in a vat cannot break out: why the singularity must be extended, embedded and embodied

Here is a pre-published version of Francis Heylighen’s paper from JCS Abstract: The present paper criticizes Chalmers’s discussion of the Singularity, viewed as the emergence of a superhuman intelligence via the self-amplifying development of artificial intelligence. The situated and embodied view of cognition rejects the notion that intelligence could arise in a closed ‘brain-in-a-vat’ system, because…