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Walker Percy, philosopher (1)

This marks the first of a series of extracts from the forthcoming Walker Percy, Philosopher. Percy: The Wondering Physician-Philosopher by Richard Gunderman Percy did not advocate an abandonment of science, but he did see the need for another way of knowing, or at least another means of investigation – one that recognized the possibility of a different…


Photograph from September 11 #9/11aestheticsArtblue dogBosch FawstindhimmitudeEjay WeissGeorge RodrigueislampaintingpigmanPoetryterrorismwendy rodrigueWisława Szymborska

Paul Prudhomme (1940-2015)

A New Orleans gastronomic titan (and by definition, one of the world’s greatest chefs) has died. He put New Orleans food on the map for me via Keith Floyd, a gastronomic love affair that has continued unabated for almost 30 years. This gentle man was kind enough to sign a table cloth for me from a…

George Rodrigue

NYT obituary           Last interview Website: if you are in The Quarter check out the retrospective. While there someone walked in and said how “cute” Blue Dog (Tiffany) was. Cringe!!! It was great to see GR’s pre-Blue Dog work. blue dogGeorge RodrigueLouis ArmstrongTiffanyWalker Percywendy rodrigue

The San Andreas Fault in the Modern Mind

Percy delivering the 18th Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities. Three items: First a filmed record of the lecture Second, an amended transcript of the lecture Third, the very excellent Patrick Samway, SJ overviews Percy’s lifelong concern with science. By the way, the photo below was taken by artist George Rodrigue: check out Wendy’s blog (George’s widow) and her discussion…