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The Death and Life of Great Italian Cities

Abstract: The Death and Life of Great American Cities was written in 1961 and is now one of the most influential book in city planning. In it, Jane Jacobs proposed four conditions that promote life in a city. However, these conditions have not been empirically tested until recently. This is mainly because it is hard…

How Do Our Social Networks Affect Our Health?

Nicholas Christakis (yes, the very same that had been in the news recently, unfortunately caught in the midst of campus fuckwittery) explains how face-to-face social networks and their structures influence behaviors and phenomena in human society and the natural living world. (H/T to Guy Theraulaz). NPR/TED Video/Audio. collective behaviorcommunicationcontagiondistributed cognitionemergent orderExtended MindgeneticsNetwork ScienceNicholas ChristakisSocial networkSwarm behavior


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C + T 2:2

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Making Visible “the Invisible Hand”: The Mission of Social Simulation

Cristiano Castelfranchi’s interesting article. For more on the invisible hand see Propriety and Prosperity: New Studies on the Philosophy of Adam Smith with the following contributions: Metaphor Made Manifest: Taking Seriously Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand’ by Eugene Heath The ‘Invisible Hand’ Phenomenon in Philosophy and Economics by Gavin Kennedy Instincts and the Invisible Order: The Possibility of…