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Jesse Norman’s Burke

Some very positive reviews of Jesse Norman’s Burke. Could Jesse be a Disraeli in the making? The Independent  The Telegraph New Statesman The Spectator Benjamin DisraeliConservatismEdmund BurkeJesse NormanLiberalismLibertarianism

Nozick interview

It’s rather surprising that one can’t find any video or audio of Nozick. I did however come across this frank interview given towards the end of his life. Anarchy State and UtopiaChristine KorsgaardconsciousnessEdmund BurkeEpistemologyFriedrich HayekJohn RawlsJustice as FairnessNozickPhilosophyPhilosophy of mindPolitical philosophyRobert Nozickthomas nagel

Oakeshott as Conservative

Robert Devigne’s intro to his chapter. The identification of Michael Oakeshott with conservatism is fraught with debate. To be sure, some analysts consider Oakeshott to be the modern incarnation of Burke. Moreover, during the closing decades of the twentieth century, conservative thinkers in the United Kingdom made the greatest claims to Oakeshott. Yet different features…

Edmund Burke

Today marks the birth of Edmund Burke. I find it tiresome that Burke is viewed as some sort of crude reactionary – his work is eminently humane, thoughtful and civilized and despite his ostensibly conservative outlook, it resembles nothing that modern-day fundamentalists who lay claim to the mantle of conservatism, will recognize. As Ian Harris points…