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Robert Musil

Born on this date (6 November). Here is Roger Kimball’s well-known take. Here too is The Monist issue dedicated to “The Philosophy of Robert Musil” and Mette Blok’s article “Robert Musil’s Literary Ethics: The Man without Qualities Reconsidered“. Musil’s debut The Confusions of Young Törless is freely available here as is Vol. I of his masterpiece The Man Without Qualities. Last,…

Susanne Klingenstein discusses Musil’s “The Man Without Qualities”

Here’s a very clear explication of the genesis of The Man Without Qualities along with an exploration of some of the central themes with some biographical detail. If ever there was a novel that’s appropriate for the prevailing fragmented times, it is this one. Der Mann ohne Eigenschaftenexistentialisml’homme sans qualitéMan Without Qualitiesphilosophical literatureRobert MusilSusanne Klingenstein

The Philosophy of Robert Musil

Here is the long awaited lineup for Bence Nanay’s issue for The Monist (97:1 Jan 2014). Bence Nanay The Dethroning of Ideocracy: Robert Musil as a Philosopher Robert Musil was not a professional philosopher. He was a novelist— and according to the widely accepted canon, his contribution to the twentieth-century novel is only matched by very…