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MISHIMA: 50 years on

November 25th marks the date of Mishima’s death fifty years ago. See these articles: The Importance of Being Mishima Yukio — Yukio Mishima’s enduring, unexpected influence — Yukio Mishima’s dark fantasies of imperial Japan — Mishima in the World: 50 Years Later — Mishima: Historical Visionary aestheticsDamian FlanagandeathembodimentHosoe EikōIrmela Hijiya-KirschnereitJapanjohn grayKishin ShinoyamaMishimaphilosophical literaturephotographysuicide

Wittgenstein on death

One of the most unclear passages of Tractatus logico-philosophicus is thesis 6.4311 where Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889–1951) claims: “Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death.” These two clauses are spoken to be both an accurate expression of Wittgenstein’s view on death and a symbol of the mystery of death.…

William Barrett on Existentialism

Here is a three part interview led by the ever reliable and precise expositor, Bryan Magee. I’m not sure that things have changed that much since this programme in 1978 in that while Heidegger is fully accepted (and suggestively reinterpreted) by those of us in cognitive science, mainstream analytical  philosophy still sees him as a…

Consciousness . . . after death

Stuart Hameroff speculates on consciousness as a fundamental part of the universe. Though I’ve read Penrose’s The Emperor’s New Mind and Shadows of the Mind, I’ve never read any Hameroff beyond interviews and documentaries. Wishful thinking perhaps  . . . Speaking of consciousness  Toward a Science of Consciousness is coming up, this time in India. BodyconsciousnessdeathJournal of Consciousness StudiesPenroseQuantum mechanicsReligionReligion…

Steve Jobs on life and death

Update – see the official Apple tribute to Jobs. Notable is Jobs’ valuing the liberal arts. This on the first anniversary of Job’s passing. Death, as I analogize it, is a truck with its headlights on, bearing down upon one standing in the middle of the road. So carpe diem! appledeathIPadIPhonelifeMacintoshpixarstanfordsteve jobs