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New Orleans Remix

Worth checking out this recently published book. As has been variously argued, jazz as a spontaneous order makes a nonsense of the vulgar rationalisms peddled by the “cultural appropriation” fundamentalists. Conversationjack sullivanJazzmusicnew orleansregressive leftSpontaneous order

The Power of Conversation

A Lesson from CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien [w]e moderns are increasingly fleeing from “conversation that is open-ended and spontaneous, conversation in which we play with ideas.” Also Oakeshott on conversation: In a conversation the participants are not engaged in an inquiry or a debate; there is no ‘truth’ to be discovered, no proposition to…

Leisure, the Basis of Culture

Leisure lives on affirmation. It is not the same as the absence of activity … or even as an inner quiet. It is rather like the stillness in the conversation of lovers, which is fed by their oneness. A VERY Oakeshottian (and Aristotleian) outlook. H/T to Troy Camplin for this. The reissue, introduced by none…