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Hadrian the Seventh: extracts (7)

Then I began to write, simply because of the imperious necessity of expressing myself. And I had much to say. Note please that I asked nothing better than to be a humble chantry-priest, saying Mass for the dead. It was denied me. I turned to express beautiful and holy ideals on canvas. Again I was…

Searching for Meaning with Victor Frankl and Walker Percy

New article in The Linacre. Percy was concerned with spiritual suicide at heart—despair, made explicit to him by Kierkegaard—resembling Victor Frankl’s concern with meaning and the current “existential vacuum” (Desmond 2005). However, the novelist’s theological mooring gave him a stronger platform to map postmodern man’s search for meaning, making him a prime example for physicians…

John Henry Newman’s Canonisation

Newman’s canonisation ceremony is set for 13 October 2019. See this article. One of my favorite books is his Grammar of Assent freely available here. Another is his philosophical novel Loss and Gain also freely available. Catholicismgrammar of assentidea of a universityJohn Henry NewmanLiberal educationloss and gainMichael OakeshottPhilosophy of Educationt. s. eliot