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Opium of the Elite

Jonathan Rée reviews Bruce Caldwell’s and Hansjoerg Klausinger’s Hayek: A Life, 1899-1950. In case there’s a pay gate, here is a pdf. At the page footer Jonathan Rée discuss this piece with Thomas Jones on the LRB Podcast. Austrian Theorybruce caldwellclassical liberalismFriedrich HayekJonathan Rée

Wittgenstein and Hayek

My Cousin, Ludwig Wittgenstein — a lovely memoir (see family tree below). The first extract below (The New Yorker) reminded me of the Percy legacy (second extract). Wittgenstein, once asked a pupil if he had ever had any tragedies in his life. The pupil, evidently well trained, inquired what he meant by “tragedy.” “I mean suicides,…

Austrian Theory and Economic Organization: Reaching Beyond Free Market Boundaries

The first volume (of two) edited by Guinevere Liberty Nell. The Austrian economic school famously predicted and explained the problems of calculation in a socialist society. With their concept of spontaneous order, they challenged mainstream economists to look beyond simplified static models and consider the dynamic and evolutionary characteristics of social orders. However, many feel that…