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Tool selection during foraging in two species of funnel ants

This paper is to be found in Animal Behaviour, Volume 123, January 2017, pp. 207–216. Could this be an extension of the mechanism of stigmergy? (H/T to Jerry Coyne). We investigated tool selection in two species of Aphaenogaster ants by giving them the choice between different kinds of potential tools (natural and artificial objects). Ant workers showed a…

Army ants ‘mind the gap’ efficiently

BBC popular write up of Simon Garnier’s co-authored Army ants dynamically adjust living bridges in response to a cost–benefit trade-off. antscollective behaviorcomplexitydistributed cognitionoptimizationroboticsself-assemblySelf-organizationSimon GarnierSpontaneous orderStigmergySwarm intelligence

Engineering Human Stigmergy

A recent paper freely available in IJCCC. antscoordination problemdistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgehuman-human stigmergySpontaneous orderstigmergicstigmergic cognitionstigmergic epistemologyStigmergySwarm behavior

Embracing the Creativity of Stigmergy in Social Insects

One of the doyens of stigmergic computational intelligence. There is no master architect, nor even a supervisor in these colonies. Grassé has shown that the key information required to ensure the coordination of building actions performed by insects is provided by their previously achieved work: the architecture itself. Grassé coined the term ‘stigmergy’ from the Greek…

Ant wars

Here is a lovely excerpt from the one and only David Attenborough, the drama heightened by the music. Check out all things swarm related on this excellent website run by Simon Garnier of the Rutgers Swarm lab. antscomputational intelligenceDavid AttenboroughswarmSwarm intelligence