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David Malet Armstrong

My chum Andrew Irvine has a terrific piece “David Armstrong and Australian Materialism” along with a Reader’s Guide in the latest issue of Quadrant. Andrew mentions that Armstrong attended Oakeshott’s History of Political Thought lectures earlier on his career when he had a stint at Birkbeck. I’d forgotten this unlikely connection: Armstrong had mentioned this to…

Socrates on Trial

I want to give a plug to my chum Andrew Irvine’s play Socrates on Trial. Of perennial interest it is a way of communicating important ideas in an accessible but compelling way. Here is a dedicated page with video footage and reviews. Andrew IrvineAristophanesAthensPlatoSocratesSpartaXenophon

Preserving print

My chum Andrew Irvine has an article on the virtues and opportunities in preserving hard-copy books in this age of digitization. Andrew IrvinebodleianlibrarybooksBritish Librarydigital subscriptionsJohannes GutenbergJohn Stuart MillLibertylibrariesVatican Library