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Walker Percy Wednesday 167

In view of the triumphant and generally admirable democratic-technological transformation of society, what is the ground of the novelist’s radical disquiet? Can the charge be brought against him, as Harvey Cox has accused the existentialists, of being an anachronism, one of the remnant of nineteenth-century “cultivated personalities” who, finding no sympathetic hearing from either technician…

Albert Camus

Born on this day — a brief article outlining his life and works. (H/T to Troy Camplin). Albert CamusexistentialismFranz KafkaJean-Paul SartreKierkegaardstalinism

Camus and Sartre

Marking the Camus centenary. Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, two of the most important minds of the 20th century, were closely entwined throughout their careers. On the centenary of Camus’ birth, SPIEGEL looks back at their famous friendship and the ideological feud that ultimately unraveled it. Albert CamusexistentialismideologyJean-Paul SartreMarxismNobel Prize in Literaturephilosophical literaturePhilosophySimone de BeauvoirSPIEGELStranger